Cafe Miro, The Return

Cafe MiroActually, I’ve been back to Miro a few times since the last post, but I tried different things this time.   Unfortunately, I didn’t notice my camera was on the wrong setting so the pictures may not be very good.   Sorry, Logan.   Also, the pictures came out really small.   I didn’t notice that setting either.   Oh well.

A couple of my girlfriends & I, reunited at the infamous Spicy Tuna gig at Gordon Biersh this past June 28, decided to have dinner someplace quiet, with good wine by the glass, for the purpose of catching up without going to jail.   Neither of them had been to Cafe Miro before, so it seemed like the perfect place to get together.

Cafe Miro is located on Waialae Avenue near 9th, next to Hawaii National Bank.   Parking is in the bank parking lot in back, off of 9th Avenue.   The bank closes at 4pm so at night I believe that all becomes restaurant parking.   Don’t quote me though.

Cafe Miro offers either a 3 course meal or a 4 course meal, as explained in my previous post, & their menu is available at their website here.   The menu seems relatively static, although periodic special items do appear from time to time.   I have never had a single thing here that wasn’t wonderful.   My girlfriend Kamu was overwhelmed by the course choices, & I reassured her it didn’t matter what she ordered; anything she chose would be very good.   Even the soup du jour here was always, without fail, the best soup I’ve ever had, over & over again.

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