On Friendship… & Men

Sanada HiroyukiI’m not a crushy kind of girl (unless you count Sanada Hiroyuki).  I don’t spot guys particularly often; most times I’m very myopic in my social interactions & don’t even notice the hottie standing right next to my friend.   It’s mating nearsightedness.

However, if a girlfriend even expresses a mere visual interest in a present male, I then experience mating blindness.   If one of my girls says a guy is cute, suddenly he’s invisible to me.   I can’t see him.   Or, I can see him just enough to avoid walking into him & that’s about it.   I’m all for getting along with boyfriends/husbands of friends, but if there’s even a notion of one of my girlfriends giving chase to a free agent, in my eyes his availability is already forgotten – he’s hers, regardless of whether or not she actually catches him.

They don’t even have to be close girlfriends.   They can be just casual girlfriends that I get a drink with from time to time.   With all of these girlfriends, my ability to view a guy is immediately impaired if they express even mild interest in him.

I view this as loyalty.   Also practicality.   Also that random guys are not as important to me as friendships.   Guys have “bros before hos;” I have… well, I have nothing that rhymes quite as well.   You know what I mean though.

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