MW Restaurant

IMAG0067MW Restaurant just opened up on Makaloa Street kinda near Amana Street; I suck at finding places the first time (& often the second & third… yeah) so all I can say is that it was the very bright, new looking building on the makai side of Makaloa.   The valet costs $4.   My very dear friend Rodd is the dishwasher there, & had told me about their exciting menu – comfort foods with foodie pleasing twists.   My friend Wes & I decided to check it out.

You can click on the picture to the right to see an enlarged version.   Only the entree portion of the menu is really readable, but you can kinda make out the Soups & (I think) most of the Salad section.   That Oxtail, Corned Beef, & Pork Belly soup sounds pretty damned decadent but we didn’t order it.   Next time, I promise.

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