MW Restaurant

IMAG0067MW Restaurant just opened up on Makaloa Street kinda near Amana Street; I suck at finding places the first time (& often the second & third… yeah) so all I can say is that it was the very bright, new looking building on the makai side of Makaloa.   The valet costs $4.   My very dear friend Rodd is the dishwasher there, & had told me about their exciting menu – comfort foods with foodie pleasing twists.   My friend Wes & I decided to check it out.

You can click on the picture to the right to see an enlarged version.   Only the entree portion of the menu is really readable, but you can kinda make out the Soups & (I think) most of the Salad section.   That Oxtail, Corned Beef, & Pork Belly soup sounds pretty damned decadent but we didn’t order it.   Next time, I promise.

IMAG0066_1There were a few gins I’m not familiar with, but then I’m not a gin drinker.   In fact, I don’t even like gin.   I just like tasting gin, so that I can keep a mental list of which ones I liked the least.   Naturally we ended up sitting on the side of the bar farthest from the scotches, so I decided to take a picture of that.   It wasn’t a huge selection, but they had my Black Label, so I was content.   I ordered it neat & got it in a proper glass (Yes!!! For fucking once! I can’t even explain what an issue this is with me!), although I found it odd that the bartender served me a water back with it.

Anyway, from here I shall just post the food porn.   We started with the pork belly & king crab appetizers.   My favorite thing was the very peppery brown sauce on the crab lumpia.


I apologize for my crappy photos; these were taken with my new HTC One, with an ISO setting of 100 (the lowest setting it had).   I’m still figuring out how to get decent pictures with this phone.

We went straight to entrees with the mochi crusted opakapaka & shrimp/uni linguine.


They didn’t have chamomile tea, just 2 different types of green & one of them had Jasmine in it.   I told the server I wanted the other one (don’t like Jasmine).   The photo of this lovely cast iron tea pot (I think this may have been my favorite part of the entire evening) was taken with ISO on Auto.   Somehow having a dark item in the photo changed my phone’s light interaction.   As if the teapot was soaking up all the light.   Enter racist joke about one of my guildies here (apologies; private joke).


Finally for dessert we ordered the cheesecake & the brulee.   See the video for a detailed server explanation.



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