More Sushi Ii

I just found out that Evan’s name is actually spelled Evyan.   I saw 2 different people spell it that way & thought it was some kind of weird typo, but… turns out I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time.   Sorry about that, Evyan.

I’ve already posted 3 times about Sushi Ii (Best.Sashimi.Yet., Epic Night, Lauren Dreams of Sushi), but here’s one more.   My buddy Ingu is friends with Evan & Garrett but had never been there before, so we figured it was time to bust his Sushi Ii cherry.   I started off with uni (California); uni is probably not the ideal thing to start off with, since it renders so many things anticlimactic.

Uni from California

I ended up chatting with the guy on my right, a longshoreman who was shipping off to Maui in a few hours, & it was his first time at Sushi Ii.   Brother ordered a crapload of stuff – chirashi, soft shell crab, ponzu oysters, & whatever we were eating that he thought looked good.   Like this King Crab sashimi – he saw that & said “ooh.”   Ingu & I ate ours, & I turned to him & said, “You should order this.”   So he did.

That was good.

The crab sashimi was so good that once we were finished having our taste bud orgasms, Ingu looked at me & said “Let’s get another one!”

Amidst all the good cold stuff I wanted something hot & crunchy, & geso karaage (fried squid legs) is always winz.

Geso Karaage

After the hirame (which I didn’t photograph, because I have a better photo of it during a previous visit), we were out of ideas & asked Evan to omakase us.   Yes, I know that’s not a verb.   Relax.   You know what I mean.

Evan chose Kinmedai & Akamutsu.   I’m not crazy about Kinmedai; personally I think for the money it just tastes like plain old tai, but that’s just what snapper tastes like.    It’s pretty though.

Kinmedai & akamutsu

And, of course, we had some toro.   And, of course, it was really good.   I can’t have a 2nd order of toro… it’s anticlimactic.


The hamachi kama was humongous & I forgot to take a photo.   I finished off with tamagoyaki & miso soup for dessert.   Perfect dinner.   Thank you Ingu.


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