Myomectomy, Done

Kapiolani Admissions Waiting Room truly defines the meaning of "waiting"I had my open myomectomy on June 10 at 7:30 in the morning at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children.   Check in was 5am & my dad dropped me off; Admissions is inside an office with a waiting room in which you sign in then wait for someone in the sealed off cubicles to call your name.

I was the only person there at 5am & it took only about 15 minutes for one of the girls in the cubicles to call me up.   I handed her my papers, she asked me a bunch of questions, gave me some other papers (HIPAA crap) to sign, she asked for my ID & insurance card (which was not listed in the instructions, but fortunately I had brought them just in case), & then I spent another half hour in the waiting room, which filled up quickly to the point of Standing Room Only & we all sat/stood there not looking at each other.   The dude next to me started snoring.

Someone came to call us to the surgery floor (basement) in 3s.   Once there, a girl who talked really fuckin’ fast walked me to a curtained room & handed me a package then explained what to do next to me.   I’m not stupid & she wasn’t telling me anything that difficult, but I had just come out of a waiting room coma, so I had to ask her to repeat herself a few times.   I also told her that she spoke really fast.   I’m not sure she understood me.

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