On ending a friendship

Yeah yeah… I’m in a bad mood.   And I probably dropped a bunch of displaced anger on this guy because I’m dealing with a full-on Narcissistic Personality Disorder jerkface for a few more weeks.   But I mean it – when you end a friendship, if it ever had anything real to it, you say something to the other person.   Say goodbye, for chrissakes.   If you don’t, then you’re chickenshit.   Sorry, no other word for it. Chickenshit.

I met him at the bar; he was a friend of my friends, & seemed pleasant enough.   We friended each other on Facebook.   This guy is in one of those relationships where the girlfriend sounds (based on his description) nuts, & he talked to me about it several times.   We had long conversations about it.   I shared some of my personal issues – some family difficulties I was working through at the time – because there were some parallels (both involved crazy chicks).   I thought we were friends.   But you know… Facebook friends, like bar friends, don’t necessarily mean real friendship.   And being unfriended on Facebook shouldn’t be a big deal.   But screw it, I’m having a bad week.   I’m allowed to get mad about something if I want to.



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