Saving Grace: Lauren’s Delayed Reaction

GraceI saw Saving Grace awhile back, when it first came out on DVD (I don’t have tv so I see everything afterward).   Loved it, was saddened by the finale, which was obviously crippled by a network greed storyus interruptus, forcing the writers to shoot their load all at once, quite sloppily & with great – I get the feeling – despair.   Just finished watching it again on Netflix (thank you, Netflix; I like you a lot).   Still just as annoyed with the ending.

It’s important to remember that this series was about a soul headed for Hell redeeming herself, & that her final choice to sacrifice herself accomplished that.   It’s just the lack of build up & the plethora (yes, I used that word) of loose ends that have got everyone frustrated.

I’ve read posts by viewers who feel Hut Flanders’ “death” is irrelevant; I’m undecided. For those wondering how an explosion would kill him if bullets did not, IMO it took an act of good to kill him, rather than an act of malice: the bullets were just Grace having a little fun… I think we all enjoyed it at least a little.   But her denial of Flanders’ deal, giving up herself – that was an altruistic, if defiant, act of good.

The series got screwed by the network, like a lot of other great shows (screw you, Fox), but I do think Saving Grace’s writers could have tied things together a little better in the final confrontation.   Grace & Hut had a final confrontational discussion.   Everything could have been tied together right there. That was the opportunity for Flanders to mockingly give us all the hints to all the unanswered questions – how faith could survive fire, why previous disasters never revealed any other saints-in-training, why darkness follows light, why Grace was chosen.

The all-too-blatantly abrupt ending, transforming from a very brief flash of Earl’s nondescript sad face to the credits – that was just rude.   I assume that was the writers saying, “Fuck it, thanks Fox for fucking us over, look how badly we got fucked over that we have to end it like this.”   Could have had Earl give a little conclusive speech.   Could have had Grace give a little conclusive speech.   But no.

When it comes down to it, though, that was a damn good series.   That was a great story, with great characters (even Ham lol) & top notch acting & dialog.   I found it a little difficult to see Holly Hunter as an irresistible seductress – physically she could totally kick my ass, but she just looks so dried up.   Maybe it’s an Oklahoma thing, like Steel Panther implies.

But anyway.   They coulda done better.   Screw you, Fox Television Studios.


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