Words CAN Hurt.

A few of my friends have been posting this on Facebook. I’ve watched it circulate, & I know they just think it’s funny, but there’s something dark about it. Something not cool. One of my girlfriends had posted it, & since she is one of my few friends who doesn’t take every single thing personally, I decided to share my thoughts on it.


“I don’t think it’s that simple. We didn’t have internet in 1944. You have to consider the culture of “meanness” that comes from people who are able to post anything they want, anonymously, from behind the safety of their monitors. And to be honest, posts like this very one do nothing but spread contempt. So by posting this you are contributing to the very cause of ANYONE, 18 or otherwise, having their feelings hurt by words.

“I just watched a video where men were asked to sit across from female sports reporters & read mean tweets said about them. It brought me to tears. Even some of the men could barely complete their task. People have such propensity for irresponsible cruelty & I don’t know if it has even been this rampant. It is certainly quite casual. We are so casual about it.

“That said, yes – I do believe that millenials are disappointing in general. And a great deal of the abovementioned meanness comes from them. But they have no perspective of survival. They don’t have to sacrifice like our grandparents did. Probably our own grandparents would view our generation as frivolous.

“So it’s very easy to call an entire generation a bunch of pussies. But there’s no solution in condemnation any more than in name calling. The opposite of judgment is understanding.

“Me, personally, I know I can’t change an entire generation. But I have decided, from now on, that I will not get into any more hate wars in comment sections – if I discuss anything with a stranger, I will be respectful & not make it personal. If they can’t control their own vitriol, I will not mirror them.”

It turns out she had posted the meme not because she agrees with it, but because she thinks it’s hypocritical. Thank goodness.


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