Blogger Post List

Ah, nostalgia. Oldest to newest, here are some of my favorite posts from the old site.    This took forever because Blogger was all backed up.

April 2008: Oh, It’s Peculiar   Where I explain that, well… I’m writing here now.
April 2008: My Hibiscus   Not a euphemism for something else.   Sorry.
April 2008: Plumb Where I somehow resize & sideways align youtube videos. It’s magic.
April 2008: Wanted: More Puppies   Pictures of Jack when he was an only child.
May 2008: Chie!   My Australian Shepherd.
May 2008: Adventures In Bartending   Probably a rant.   lol
May 2008: A Visit to Anna’s   That’s Anna Bananas, friends!
June 2008: Aye-Aye!   My dream pet.
June 2008: Pi’ikoi & Lunalilo A little rant.
June 2008: Doggy Futons I take up sewing.
June 2008: Chez David The most excellent steak.   Dangerous pics.   You’ve been warned.
June 2008: AT&T Customer Service   How it should be.
June 2008: Sec & The City   I finally went to see it.
June 2008: Mercury! Yummy!   Where I make a politician look dumb.   Ok, so he did it all himself.
June 2008: Mary M   Lisa’s favorite post.
July 2008: The Month of Stupidity?   What’s up with June 2008?
July 2008: I Love My Job   I do!
July 2008: Scary Stuff: The Disclaimer   Where I warn everyone my obake stories aren’t going to be THAT scary.
July 2008: Obake Story: Benizuru/Kagami’s   See?   Told you.
August 2008: You Hungry?   Best fried ahi poke EVAR.
August 2008: Chie!   Remember her?
September 2008: Steak!   Get steak plates outside Foodland, biatches.
September 2008: Crossword With A Pen   I reveal I’ve been having an affair.
October 2008: Obake Story: Rocks Kitchen   And a picture of me when I rode a 250Ninja to work every day.

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed me from Blogchex to Blogger to here.   I wish I could have saved the Blogchex Colander post.   I wish I painted this:


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