My heart is broken.

Sometimes, in the midst of joy & laughter & wonder, something unexpected happens & your heart just… breaks.
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When in a wine bar…

Drink beer, right?   Right??

Ugh.   So I take my guitar to my friend’s guitar shop because I’m having some tuning issues & I mention that I’m planning to go see another friend’s gig at Amuse Wine Bar.   My friend in the shop highly recommends the Japanese beer with the white owl on it.   He is much more experienced in beer than I am.   So I commit it to memory: Japanese beer, white owl.

It’s my first time at Amuse Wine Bar.   My very awesome girlfriend Jess sings there on Wednesdays but I never went to see her because Wednesdays are not good days for me; I’m usually a wreck by sundown.   I’m also not much of a wine drinker.   I used to tend bar at Kahala Moon, where we had mandatory wine tasting every month (it was hardly necessary to make it mandatory, but that’s just to demonstrate how serious the management was), but that was a long time ago.   And I can’t afford Caymus any more.   Amuse has this very cool self serve wine set up; apparently you acquire a card & insert it into the dispenser of your choice for a shot of wine & your purchases are all kept track of while you get drunk.

Now that I’ve had to write about it, it sounds kind of cool.   Well.   Anyway.

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A Shot of Infused Badness

These are pictures from 2007; I dug them up for a friend & thought I’d share them again.

Snake wine is, without a doubt, the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted, or ever had in my mouth for that matter.   At one time we had some friends who made regular trips to China & would bring back bottles of snake wine.   As far as I know, folks aren’t allowed to bring bottles of snake wine back to the US… but our friends had ways.   Oh yes, they did.

The bottles our friends always brought back had what appeared to be cobras in them.   I actually know very little of snakes but I assume if it’s got a hood, it’s a cobra.   My understanding is that when drinking this particular snake wine we are also drinking the snake’s venom, & I did notice immediate numbness on my lips the first time I tried it.   That evening I didn’t feel any alcoholic effects, but I did have to call people & apologize the next day for saying things I shouldn’t have said (worse than usual).

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New job!

job-description-snoopyI’ve recently picked up a 2nd bartending job at a local bar in town.   Most of you who visit Kagami’s know where it is, & the rest of you are free to ask if you want to know.

This place is certainly different from places I’ve worked before.   The clientele is almost exclusively blue collar, & the owner is a Korean lady running a bar local style.   Probably the closest job I’ve had to something like this was Cafe Papillion on Waiakamilo, run by a beautiful woman named Tammy, may she rest in peace.   I ended up having to leave that job after punching a customer in the head.

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A Mystery at Kagami’s.

2006-the-reflexAs some of you who read the other blog may already know, someone has been deleting songs from the rather painstakingly compiled database of karaoke songs we have on the computer at the bar.   The deletion qualifier seems to be songs specifically sung by me, my friends, & mentioned over on the other blog.   I could be totally wrong; it could simply be that a bunch of songs were indiscriminately deleted & I only noticed the ones I would make use of.


In order to delete any songs at all from the computer database, the perpetrator would have to have access to the computer after hours, or be able to access the delete function at a time when the computer is not in use during hours.   From opening time on, Terrence is watching the bar & it would be difficult for someone to access the deletion function without his notice.

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