photoI’m Lauren, & I write here.   The Long Way Home began at Blogchex & flourished… until Blogchex, without warning, disappeared.   I relocated to Blogger, but decided in October 2008 to move to WordPress just because I like the interface better.

I write with some friends about music at Crossword With A Pen.   Haven’t written in awhile.   Haven’t figured out how to balance having a life with having multiple blogs yet.

I write about my dogs, or stuff my dogs would talk about, at Philosophy of Fur.   Also pretty delinquent there as well.   Three dogs keep you pretty busy!

I just joined another band as a singer. I also picked up another acoustic duo in Waikiki. Now that I don’t have to play guitar any more, I actually practice. And I’ve suddenly become paranoid about vocal usage.

I collect novels by Tanith Lee.   I hate Anne Rice but sometimes I read her books anyway.

I used to play a lot of WoW.   I think some of my best blogging was done about that game.   Now I play GW2 or Aion, & my friends & I are waiting for Wildstar to come out.

My life has changed a lot since I began this blog.   I think I’m a nicer person than I used to be.   I’ve definitely been humbled over the years; figured some shit out, discovered more shit I don’t understand.   I’ve become one of those people who doesn’t mind a carebear server.   I’m not as funny.   I swear less.   I’m less likely to entertain trolls.   Yeah, I’m getting old.

Song remains the same, though.

3 responses to “Lauren

  1. I loved your post in 2014 about the myomectomy. Oh My goodness, you just described what I have been trying to get set up for the last three months. I have no idea if you can see my email but would love to either find out about your father’s practice or who did your myomectomy? If you can see my details, please don’t make my email public but please email me. So far for a massive fibroid, every doctor (so far) has been saying “hysterectomy,” “hysterectomy,” “hysterectomy.” It is so sad because for a benign growth this is unacceptable! Cheers that you got someone to do it! Mahalo to you for sharing your experiences. I am losing it. Truly.

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